Amazing Features of Windows 10 and installation process.

Features of Windows 10

Windows 10 has numbers of features, which continues to growing with each new update. I'll go to the useful features that you should be using for better productivity and Computing experience with Windows 10. This blog includes a few well-known features along with ones that you may have overlooked forgotten about or did not know existed. Let's get started. 

1. Print to PDF:

Windows 10 offers native support for PDF exports which is very useful for programs like word or notepad while printing any document you will find Microsoft print to PDF in the list. This feature can be used in any program running Windows 10 where you have the option to print for example here in the Chrome browser go to the settings menu in the upper right and select print here in the left pane. Where it says change click on it and select Microsoft print to PDF. 

2. Sticky notes:

Sticky notes have been around for years, which gives you the ability to create, and place to-do lists on your screen to be better organized. Selecting the menu icon here at the top lets you change the color of your note moreover. You can move the sticky note wherever you want it.
 You can use various keyboard shortcuts. Bold Ctrl + B. Underlined Ctrl + U italics Ctrl. + I strikethrough Ctrl + T toggle bullets Ctrl + L. 

3. Remote assistance:

 If you have a family, member or friend that's not computer savvy Windows has a remote assistance feature called quick assist that lets you take over their computer to help them out. Type in search bar quick assist and click on it. You have two choices here. If want to get help, select get assistance. You will need the six-digit security code from the person helping you to continue if you are the one offering help click on give assist. 

4. Night light:

Night light is actually a blue light filter that helps to reduce eyestrain and can make you sleep better at night to access it go to settings and then system. In the display tab, there is a toggle to turn night light on or off. Click on setting if you want to change the color temperature and create a schedule if you suffer from eye issues. 
I'd even recommend turning on light during the day except for those times that you're doing graphic design. 

5. Speak to type:

if you're tired of typing start dictating with Microsoft speech recognition feature. It's built into Windows 10, but you have to enable it. Go to settings. Select time and language and then speech Scroll down the page and select speech inking and typing privacy turn it on. 
Now go to any text field and select the Windows key + h on your keyboard to activate it. 

6. Slide to shut down:

It's a utility that presents a full screen slide bar that you can drag down to the bottom of the screen to shut down your computer. Set this up just click on your desktop and click new and select shortcut. Paste the following text into the text field.
Click next and finish Now when you want to shut down the computer, you don't have to click around looking for the shutdown option just double-click the icon and drag the bar to the bottom of the screen to shut down the PC. 

7. Emoticons on Windows +. Key:

Did you know you has an emoji keyboard readily available right now with Windows 10. Now you can just access the emoji’s by using shortcut keys, by pressing the Windows key and the period button to get started.


Easy step to upgrade the Windows 10.

Step 1: To update Windows 10 free from Microsoft Windows 7, users first have to go to the download page of Microsoft Windows 10.

Step 2: now download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool after clicking on the Download Tool now option.

Step 3: After downloading Microsoft Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, it has to accept its license while running

Step 4: After installing the media creation tool, the user has to upgrade by going to the control panel on their computer and clicking on 'upgrade this PC now' and clicking on 'Keep Personal file and Apps'.

Step 5: click on Install, Windows 10 will start installing. Keep in mind that the Internet connection of the user will have to be maintained during this time. Let us know that this update trick is only for users using original Windows 7. Users using crack version will not be able to update Windows 10 in this way.

Minimum Hardware Requirement for windows 10 as per Microsoft:

·         Processor: 1Gigahertz (GHz) or SoC.
·         RAM: 1GB - 32bit OS or 2 GB - 64bit OS.
·         Hard disk space: minimum20 GB.
·         Graphics card: DirectX 9 or later.
·         Display: Resolution 800x600.

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