Windows 10 stuck on update

Windows 10 stuck on update-

I’ve seen this problem on more than one windows 10 installation. When windows tries to install an update it completely locks up, forcing you to forcefully restart the computer. I will show you how to resolve this problem.

download the Windows 10 update assistant from Microsoft: 

Windows 10 update assistent

This tool will manually upgrade you to the newest version of windows 10. It migrates all your programs and files, so don’t worry about losing anything.
If your windows 10 stuck before you can execute the program. I suggest disabling the windows update service. The quickest way to do this is pressing the Windows key + R

Type services.msc, Press enter. Find the Windows Update Service, Double click it and stop the service and put it on disabled. Now you should be able to run the program.

Windows update service

After it’s finished you should no longer experience the lockups.

If you still experience problems, make sure to leave a comment.

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